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ATTENTION this Site E-Commerce is a demonstration,
orders are not taken encomptes!

Art. 1: Products
All products are delivered in their packing of origin with instructions, under paper form only, if necessary. Under no circumstances the SHOP Hightech society would know how to be kept for representative in case of typographical errors, photographs, dimensions and characteristics. These are not contractual. They are the relief of information given by the producers or importers. In the possibility of the unavailability of a particular article, we offer you for the same price an article of identical quality. In case or this article would not admit you, the SHOP Hightech society promises to cancel order and to reimburse the entirety of sums poured as for this article.

Art. 2: Prices and Valuable offer
All our prices agree VATS included. We reverberate the variations of VAT on our prices. For any orders for a country others than Metropolitan France (Corsican and Monaco including), and if it does not represent aprés in the choice of available destinations validation of your basket, thank you for contacting us to acquire the price which will be indeed applied to you.

All our Valuable offer is restricted in time, if valuable offer does not have border of definite time, it am restricted in 7 calendar days by default.

Art. 3: The Payment
Several means of payment are put at your disposal. About the means of payment is which you have chooses, the SHOP Hightech society to call upon a contractor specialized in this type of transaction. So, you have a security concerning your banking coordinates. The procedures of payment are apparently clear or on, the quote, the order form, and the form of online payment.

for any online order on this boutique, a bill is available online from the expedition of the ordered products, this bill allows to the firms to recover VAT, because we invoice (TTC) All taxes included.

for all orders of the upper sum in 3000 € TTC, the payment will be accomplished only cashless banking, before the dispatch of the goods.

for all orders export, the payment will be accomplished only cashless banking, before the dispatch of the goods.

Art.4: Delivery
Products are available in supply when they are approachable to the basket, otherwise (error of inventory), SHOP Hightech informs the customer about it of the time of envisaged delivery. The delivery time is from 2 to 7 days as from the Validation of your order for all articles in supply. Expenses of dispatch are calculated in most just and adapted to every order to give you the best rate. The goods travel at risks and dangers of the addressee. Consequently and at any rate, prove in reception that the packing is undamaged. If you have a doubt, unpack in the presence of the conveyor and make necessary reservations on the delivery note. Then in the three days, send a registered letter with AR to the conveyor with copy to SHOP Hightech
No enlévement can be accomplished, in our places of production, for sale having accomplished $ site on the site.

In case or the purchaser, further to a bet in authority of its package, and not having withdrawn it in the post office, expenses of returning are supported by the purchaser.

The purchaser of this fact will no way be able to accuse a delay of delivery.

Art.5: The Delay of retraction
You have a delay of 7 days with reception of your order to turn the goods. Every your package must be sent in recommended in your expenses. We kindly ask you to reach in your return a copy of the corresponding bill. Products will have to be restored new, full, in their packing of origin (for software, not opened and undamaged packing). Some people order special can be neither taken back nor exchanged (any products with manner, and generally as soon as the conditioning is opened). In reception of your return, procèderont us directly in its exchange or in its refund. Attention, refund do not include expenses of harbour.

Art. 6: Anulation of order

Any orders can be cancelled only before expedition. The cancellation of an order draws away expenses of 25 % of sum ttc of the bill with a 10-euro minimum. The rest is reimbursed to the customer by check within 10 days.

All forcing of the system, with the aim of delivery out of the envisaged geographical zone, and pointed out in the pop-up menu, will give rise to the aunulation of order as well as to the application of expenses envisaged above.

Art. 7: Guarantee
The guarantee which is applied that of the producer or the official importer is. All products sold by SHOP Hightech benefit from the guarantee of the producer against defects or hidden vices. Guarantee is however valid in case of excessive usage, in an intervention made on the product of a not skilled person, a dissociable use of the product, breakage, wear, corrosion, normal ageing. Moreover piles, batteries or blisters delivered with products are never covered by guarantee.

Art. 8: The Reservation of ownership
The goods remain the exclusive ownership of SHOP Hightech up to the entire payment of owed sums.

Art. 9: Litigations
In case of any protest, alone the Court dealing with trade disputes of CRETEIL is competent, acknowledged and accepted on either side.

Art.10: The Approval of the purchaser
The present general conditions of sale as well as rates are specifically recognised and accepted by the Purchaser, who declares and acknowledges having a perfect knowledge of it, and abandons, because of this or that to boast any contradictory document and, notably, its own general conditions of purchase, the act of purchase drawing away approval of the present general conditions of sale.

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